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Color your kitchen with Tupperware products....


  • LifeTime Warranty
    For over 50 years, we at Tupperware Brands have proudly backed our products with a Lifetime Guarantee so you can buy with confidence.

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  • Use & Care
    Storage Dry with a soft cloth before putting containers away in cabinets or shelves. To keep containers air-fresh, store them without seals.

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  • Safety Assurance
    When it comes to Tupperware, just look out for the Tupperware™ logo printed on the bottom of each product. All Tupperware products have passed stringent tests and are built to last. They are quality

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  • Quality Assurance
    In today's throw-away society, disposable plastic bags, styrofoam lunch boxes and food containers are an environmental concern. Many continue to use them indiscriminately, oblivious to the dangers of

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