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At Rainbow Dreamz we understand that your kitchen is a special nook filled with food, favourite ingredients and other essentials that need appropriate storage containers. In our catalogue Singapore, you’ll find a broad range of Tupperware Singapore products among our kitchen essentials.


Apart from storage solutions, we also bring you helpful aids that can make cooking and prep time easier for you. The holiday season also means hectic visits to malls and supermarkets but we’ve made sure it’s easier for you to order your beauty and skin care products with us.


Some of our specialty products include:


Beauty products, Skin care products, Hair products, Supplements, Dry shampoo, Food storage containers, Kitchen storage and Tupperware products.


Why opt for our products?


In our online catalogues, you’ll find top of the line storage containers, bottles and Tupperware products. They are a convenient addition to your kitchen ware as you can store, heat and serve food all out of the same container. Their durability and lifetime warranties are among the leading reasons for their widespread use not just in Singapore, but across the globe as well.


To make sure you don’t miss out on our best products and deals, our team highlights the best offers available in our website. You’ll find attractive colours and designs and convenient shapes and sizes too. Whether it’s stashing away your holiday goodies or packing lunches for your family, you are sure to find just what you need among our innovative offerings.


When it comes to skin care and health care essentials too, we bring you some of the most well recommended products in the market. For more updates, special promotions and discounts, you can either contact us or sign up for our newsletter.


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