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Use & Care

Storage Dry with a soft cloth before putting containers away in cabinets or shelves. To keep containers air-fresh, store them without seals.

Hot Beverages / Liquids / Food Allow beverage in container to cool before handling or applying the seal.
Hot liquids such as oil, cooking grease or hot foods containing fat (e.g. soup or sauces) should be cooled before placing them in the container.

Removing Stains Baking soda paste is ideal for stain removal or getting rid of any stickiness.

Cuts & Scratches Avoid using sharp utensils, abrasive cleaners or strong undiluted detergents. Use only mild detergents and a soft sponge. To remove oily substances, wash with warm water.

Microwave Tupperware products are not designed for cooking and therefore are not recommended for use in a microwave oven except for TupperWave Stack Cooker, Rock 'N Serve and CrystalWave reheatable products.

Remember, avoid reheating certain foods, especially those with high fat or sugar content, as these foods can become very hot and causes damage to your containers.

Reheating tomato or chili-based sauces and foods may cause staining as a result of natural foods colourants found in many vegetables.

Do not use reheatable products:  In the conventional oven  | On the stove  |  Under a grill  |  In convection microwave ovens with conventional settings.

Unpleasant Odours  |  Seal either a piece of charcoal or stuff newspaper in the container  |  Clean seals and container with baking soda paste  |  Coat inside surface with lemon juice and water then rinse  |  Clean with mixture of vinegar and water  |  Open container when not in use.

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